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Our Story

The founder of Fitwyze cannot remember a time when he wasn’t an enthusiast about the fitness industry. From a young age, he testifies that he was always self-motivated and driven, which are two traits that led him to become a licensed personal trainer. In addition, his passion for the fitness industry motivated him to write a fitness and weight loss book about intermittent fasting, which is available on Amazon.

During this time in his life, he noticed that clothing played a huge role in his level of motivation to work out. As a personal trainer, he recognized the impact of clothing choices on his clients as well; that is, the more comfortable and confident they felt in their clothing, the harder they would push at the gym.

To back up his theory, the founder of Fitwyze discovered many articles and studies backing up his realization that clothing plays a huge part in confidence and motivation levels. From these discoveries, he conceptualized the idea for Fitwyze— a sportswear brand with a focus on style and comfort and designed to increase your confidence and motivation inside and outside of the gym.

Our Mission

It has happened to all of us. No matter where we are going or what we are doing, the clothing on our bodies has a direct influence on our motivation and confidence levels. When we feel good and look stylish, we feel comfortable and perform. On the other hand, when we aren’t comfortable or proud of our clothing, we tend to shrink away from challenges.

Our Fitwyze team recognizes the importance for every person to feel both comfortable and confident in what they wear to the gym. Our mission is to positively impact the motivation and confidence level of our clients  through offering them only the best high-quality sportswear that are both stylish and comfortable.

In addition, it is our goal to create such innovative sportswear fashion pieces that our customers will be wearing both inside and outside of the gym. That’s right; our sportswear is a stylish option even outside of the gym setting. Never miss a workout, and Wear Your Power with Fitwyze!

Our Values 

Here at Fitwyze, we value creating and providing only quality, stylish and comfortable pieces for your gym experience. As such, our sportswear items are highly durable and made from quality materials that will allow you confident full range of motion within the gym.

Our designs were created to support the workouts of our clients from all ranges of activity. Whether you are taking fast-paced dance classes, gliding on the elliptical, or lifting heavy on the weight floor, we’ve got your comfort in mind. From sturdy stitching to squat-proof fabrics, we’re dedicated to taking the worry out of your workout!

Furthermore, we value being a positive part of our client's fitness journey. Starting with excellent customer service and backing our claims with excellent sportswear, we are committed to helping you discover your power and motivation to work out.